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Guild Rule Updates
Aug 18, 12 4:47 PM
Back in the saddle again...
Jul 12, 12 1:49 PM
Carpe Opulentia Has a New Address!
Jul 12, 12 1:29 PM
Late breaking news
Jan 6, 09 12:36 PM
Just getting started
Nov 18, 08 12:37 PM

Welcome to Carpe Opulentia!

We are a group of merchants, mercenaries, and tradesfolk in the realm known as The Venture Co.  We are dedicated to acquiring power and profit, especially the latter. We realize that the opportunities for gain are out there just begging to be taken... either earned through honorable (mostly) merchant activity or from the cold dead fingers of those currently holding them.

~ Yevin ~

( More specifically, we are a level 25 social leveling guild intended to build up to a raiding core. RP is encouraged, though not specifically required. We have 7 bank tabs and are now recruiting. )

You can also visit us on Facebook.

Other Guild News

Guild Rule Updates

Yevin, Aug 18, 12 4:47 PM.
"Guild Rules and Guidelines" under information has been updated to reflect current ranks, auto-promotion rules, and how we handle alts.

Back in the saddle again...

Yevin, Jul 12, 12 1:49 PM.
After a long while of inactivity I am once again the Boss of Carpe Opulentia.

I'm setting this website back up to house any useful information in preparation for the upcoming march of the pandas. If you need anything or have any suggestions for the guild or this website contact me here or in game.

Carpe Opulentia Has a New Address!

System, Jul 12, 12 1:29 PM.
Carpe Opulentia has been upgraded to include a custom domain, and can now be reached directly by going to Please note that there is no WWW in front of the address!

Thank you for choosing GuildPortal as your guild''s home on the web!

Late breaking news

Yevin, Jan 6, 09 12:36 PM.
* The Guild Rules and Guidelines has been updated.

* We are in the midst of merging with another guild that is 2/3 our size.  This should vastly improve our resources, raiding possibilities, and add a lot of fresh faces to the mix.  Very cool times ahead.

* As part of the merger we were able to expand to a four bank tabs.  The new one is for paper products (scrolls, recipes, runes) and should take some pressure off tab 3 (materials and consumables).

* We've revised the ranks in the guild, permissions, and vault pulls per day.  Among other things the Associate (aka "What was that rank that flashed by?") and Founder (aka "Who are these people?") ranks have been replaced with usefull ones. :)

~ Yevin ~

Just getting started

Yevin, Nov 18, 08 12:37 PM.
Did the initial set up for the guild, tabard, tab, and this site.  Its been a busy few days...

~ Yevin ~
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